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While your tax return might not read like Tolkien, it is the single most comprehensive document detailing your financial life. If you wanted to read the cliff notes of last year’s decisions, you’d look at the front page of your 1040.

Why do I bring this up?

We invite you to share your tax return with our team each year, and there are two major ways this creates value for you.

Saving Time

We must create complete, accurate pictures of your financial world to make good decisions. Your tax return is the single best summary of this data. It’s only one document, which saves you the time of tracking down information from multiple sources.

Identifying Blindspots and Opportunities

While your tax return doesn’t provide every answer, we can generally determine which additional items might require closer inspection. Sometimes we catch changes you wouldn’t have thought to mention–like RMDs starting.

With your tax return in our hands, our proactive approach can help shortcut much of the fact-finding we need to serve you well. As you get your tax returns back, please pass them along to our team. We’re eager to understand the story it tells, which enables us to offer the best ideas and strategies.