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I have a hard time thinking of a single client who wouldn’t consider themselves busy. That’s a cultural norm in many ways. Our rapid pace can make it difficult to have moments of reflection. We need to be intentional to build those moments into our lives.

As we hit January, reflection is top of mind for me with my clients. It can be tempting to think of annual reviews as an occasion to do more planning – digging into numbers or running tabulations. Even when that is the case, it’s not always the most important part of the review.

When I sit down with you, I want you to look back before we look forward. I want you to see things like:

  1. Milestones: Seeing how far you have come is what keeps you excited about the habits that brought you here
  2. Alignment: Are there any areas we’ve drifted from our initial priorities? If so, what caused it?
  3. Adjustment: Sometimes, our initial intentions end up causing more discomfort than they are worth. Do we need to adjust our trajectory?

January is a great time to do this because we generally compile a more complete, retrospective financial picture of the last year. With a comprehensive view – and some time to reflect – we can make focused strides towards the things that matter most.

It might be time for you and your family to re-discover your mission and pursue it with renewed energy. Mark the milestones. Adjust your course. If you want to do that, set aside time to reflect. We would love to help you move forward.