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As we enter the New Year, we are excited to look ahead and re-craft our vision for the coming year. What benchmarks do we want to reach? What experiences do we want to have? What steps forward do we want to take as a family?

There’s one question we would encourage you to consider as you ponder these questions: are my decisions aligned with my vision?

Even among the most financially successful, alignment is a consistent struggle. This alignment gap arises when your aspirations – say, generosity or family legacy – clash with your decisions – your spending habits or investments.

On a family level, misalignment is the source of a great deal of stress. Competing priorities and a lack of financial discipline can lead to a tense game of tug-of-war between spouses or children. It hinders your progress forward and strains relationships in the process.

So, this year, as you revisit your hopes for the future, consider 2 questions:

  1. What are the values and outcomes that are most important to us? (Note: not just “me”.)
  2. How did our decisions last year affirm or drift from these priorities?
  3. What are specific actions we can take this year to recommit to what matters most?

We have these conversations year-round. This includes everything from saving for the future, proactive tax planning, or passing your values on to the next generation.

Your financial plan is a perfect vehicle to close the gap between your priorities and your decisions. As we like to say, “Invest in what matters.” If you’d like help re-establishing your path forward, we’d be honored to assist you.