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Many people feel the point of their financial plan is to ensure they have “enough” money. That’s certainly true, but it’s not the only question we need to ask when planning. There’s a second question that may be equally important.

“How is your relationship with money?”

Unlike the question of enough money, we don’t answer this with charts, forecasts, and risk tolerance. We approach this question differently – how does money affect you and those close to you?

  1. When my spouse and I discuss money, is it peaceful and aligned? Or is it usually a stressful conversation?
  2. How is our lifestyle affecting our kids? In what ways is our spending shaping them?
  3. What about my career? Do I enjoy the work I do? Does it occupy a reasonable amount of my time and allow me to invest in family and friends?
  4. Do we have a vision for our finances that aligns with a sense of purpose and fulfillment? Or are we investing in too much clutter?

When we start exploring questions like these, we understand what pain points we’re wrestling with, and we can begin to uncover what’s causing them.

The purpose of a financial plan isn’t just to have enough for the future. At its best, a financial plan brings peace, alignment, and an intentional vision to invest in what matters.

We’d encourage you to reflect on your relationship with money, identify your recurring pain points, and consider bringing them up with your financial advisor. Together, let’s create a financial plan that facilitates flourishing in your life and the lives of those around you.