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There’s a recurring moment that happens in our work as advisors. The only way I can describe the moment would be the word “unburdening” –or to state it in the positive “liberating”.

This moment is usually found at the end of a meeting, and a person or family experiences a visible wave of relief. Why? Because the financial plan we’ve created answers their most frustrating questions. We took obscure problems about the future and cast them into clear terms for the present. The plan addressed their challenges and plotted a course forward. We generated a sense of clarity and alignment between their values and decisions.

As you can guess, this relief isn’t because they will achieve a particular net worth. The truth is a proper financial plan is built with wealth but not for wealth. When finances are tight, we feel the strain. There are choices we wish we could make but can’t be due to our resources.

That moment I described–the unburdening–happens when we see our wealth no longer restricting our freedom. It begins to enable it. If you are not careful, your capital will dictate your priorities rather than support them.

This is true regardless of how much money you have. I’ve worked with young families starting fresh who have incredible clarity and vision. I’ve worked with high earners at the mercy of their lifestyle spending. No matter where you find yourself, the financial planning process is a powerful tool to bring order and peace to your decisions.

Wherever you are on your own journey, we welcome the opportunity to help you craft a financial plan that unburdens you from certain obscurity and liberates you to live more freely.