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By Matthew D. Kane | President | Advisor

Have you ever felt like the financial planning process can become tedious? (We won’t be offended if you say yes.)

Quite a few families are surprised by the amount of intentionality that the planning process requires. It takes time and attention to align financial decisions with guiding values. We add to this the fact that more financial abundance generally produces more complexity, which by nature, requires more attention.

The challenge is that as your financial capital grows, many families start to feel a rift between their assets and their vision. I’ve heard clients describe everything from too many Amazon packages to vacation properties they rarely visit. Abundance can disconnect our financial decisions from our mission, vision, and values.

I encourage you to invest the time and energy required to craft a thoughtful financial plan that brings your decisions into focus. In my experience, families that do come back with a feeling of, “I have a more thorough, clear understanding of why we spend the way we do, why we save the way we do, and why we invest the way we do.” This also makes your financial decisions and values far easier to communicate to your spouse as well as generation 2 and 3 wealth holders. That in itself is worth the investment.

If you have the desire to reach this kind of financial clarity and alignment in your planning, our team would be honored to help.