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I think it’s fair to say that traditional financial planning leads us to be “goal-oriented”. It can be a very “Point A to Point B” discussion. Tactically, it’s critical to know where you’re going, and a goal – whether monetary, geographic, etc. – can give us a measurable understanding.

That being said, I’m amazed at how our goals can find themselves in disagreement with our mission, vision, and values as families. My own family is certainly not immune. It’s why you can find yourself reaching any number of your goals and yet, still find yourself somehow discontent in the ‘success’ of it all.

That’s why when we sit down with clients, we regularly focus on how our priorities can give way to day-to-day contentment. This approach to planning is about aspirations and purpose before it’s about portfolios and pie charts. Let’s plan for life at a deeper and more lasting level of significance, and then figure out the financial details that can free us to that end.