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Seniors Catch a Break: Inflation once again came in above expectations and is likely to remain elevated for the immediate future. Although it makes purchasing more difficult, seniors are benefiting from the biggest COLA adjustment to Social Security benefits in forty years, an increase of 5.9% for 2022. If you have any questions about these changes please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Simple Paths: Elizabeth Stahl started a business with this very name here in the Philadelphia area that we find rather remarkable in its ability to serve people in transition on the home front. Called Simple Paths, Elizabeth’s company helps manage the overwhelming process of moving and/or downsizing for those of us with too many boxes in the basement, among other things. They plan, coordinate, and organize the details from start to finish with clients ranging from estate sales, seniors who are downsizing, professionals and families who are making a move. Check out their website to find out more details.

Auto Sale Backup: Industrial production slowed in the U.S. during the month of September as supply-chain disruptions in the auto industry and lingering effects of Hurricane Ida weighed on manufacturing and mining output. The result: fewer cars were available for purchase. Many dealers are quoting a 4-6 week wait time for new vehicles. Our own Josh Manifold has been on the search for his new car for at least that long!

House Sales Jump: September proved to be the strongest showing for U.S. home sales since January, ending a several months-long stretch when housing market activity slowed from its frenzied pace and high prices that crowded out many buyers. A late-summer dip in mortgage rates and the continued hunt for more space to work from home spurred an uptick in demand, housing analysts reported.

Words to Make You Think: Organizational Psychologist, Adam Grant, said: “Seeking advice doesn’t reveal incompetence. It reflects respect for another person’s insight. Requesting feedback doesn’t signal insecurity. It demonstrates that you care more about your learning than your ego. Asking for help doesn’t display weakness. It builds strength.” We couldn’t agree more as it pertains to financial decisions! Let’s normalize asking questions and helping each other as we consider our financial future.

He goes on to say “For generations we have organized our lives around our work. Our jobs have dictated where we make our homes, when we see our families, and what we can squeeze into our downtime. What if we reversed that, and started planning our work around our lives?”

Something like this:

This clearly looks different for each us and our families, we’d welcome the chance to discuss how it may or may not apply to you and your future.