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Eventful Week on Wall Street: Last Monday realized a serious drop for stocks in the U.S. But the rest of the week brought a roaring comeback with nice gains for the week. A few contributing factors: Corporate America reported very solid earnings, Q2 totals have a chance of being 80% higher year-over-year; buybacks are in full swing, and bipartisan support of the infrastructure bill appears to be moving forward. The positive vibes closed out last week with a promising look at this week, despite the rough start we had.

Investing in America: Investors around the globe are pouring money into U.S. financial assets. This is a good sign that the world’s largest economy continues to pull through the Covid-19 pandemic. More than $900 billion was invested during the first half of the year. Many experts say the U.S. remains the best place to park cash when it comes to stocks, bonds, and other assets.

Note: 2021 data is as of June 30. Source: Refinitiv Lipper

$2.2M in Stimulus: Another $2.2 million in stimulus money has gone out to American citizens, the government reported. According to the IRS, the latest batch of checks brings the total to more than $171 million, in aggregate.

Science at its best: Researchers at UC San Francisco have successfully developed a “speech neuroprosthesis,” enabling a man with severe paralysis to communicate sentences by translating signals from the brain and vocal tract directly to words that appear on the screen. The team found the system was able to decode 18 words per minute with 93% accuracy. While much work is still left to be done, these are promising advancements for patients who have devastating effects from medical issues.