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Who Is on Your Team?

From Principal and Advisor Josh Manifold 


April is nearly here, and tax season is well underway. At this time of year, we frequently find ourselves connecting with our clients’ CPAs. Maybe your CPA is asking questions that require assistance to answer. We also may be able to introduce questions to help you avoid mistakes and uncover opportunities.

These collaborative relationships highlight a valuable principle in our perspective.

Your family is at its best when you have the support you need in key areas. That might be specific expertise or skill sets, structure, or accountability. We see ourselves as part of your family’s team, providing guidance that aligns with your core values and vision. Each team member plays a specific role.

So, we would ask you, “Who’s on your team?” A few examples come to mind.

  • CPA
  • Estate Attorney
  • Insurance agent
  • Realtor
  • Personal development coach
  • Executive coach
  • Therapist

The list goes on, but each provides unique support to your family. In our experience, the healthiest families build strong support systems for themselves, their marriage, and their kids. The time may be ripe for you and your family to take an inventory and identify areas you need support in your vision.

If any of these key roles need to be filled, we’d be happy to make introductions. We have the good fortune of knowing many great people doing great work for families we know.

Cost Increases are Real: The bill you get when you checkout at the grocery store is sticker shock these days. You’re not imagining the cost increases. According to the Labor Department, inflation has slowed to 3.2% from its recent peak in January 2022. But prices are still rising, just at a slower rate. They remain markedly higher than before the pandemic. Wages are rising, and consumer spending is robust, but nearly three-quarters of poll responders in a recent survey said that higher prices outstripped gains in their household incomes in the past few years.


Snapshot of Stock Market Performance: We are 15 years out from the financial crisis of 2007, which provides an opportunity to review how the stock market looks over longer periods. It’s easy to get caught up in the ups and downs of daily changes. It’s healthiest to look at what has happened in the long term and remember that long-term investing is the best approach.

Stock Market Performance Past 3 Years

Stock Market Performance Past 15 Years

Analysts expect the S&P500 to increase by 9.5% in 2024. It’s never too late to invest. Contact your advisor today with questions!