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Caring for Aging Parents: Caregiving for aging parents is a conversation we have with clients nearly daily. This week, The Wall Street Journal shared about the unique burden that an only child carries when their parents age. You can read that article here. There is a sacrifice of time, but children (or in this case, child) will often absorb out-of-pocket expenses that total around $7,200/year, according to AARP. There is also the decision-making burden that can often create stress.

If you are in this situation, our advisors have strategies you should consider. Invite us into the conversations you are having with family or, if applicable, siblings. We can help.

Keeping Perspective: Every four years, many investors blow up their portfolio because their team didn’t win in that year’s election. Some pitfalls come with the constant news cycle of promises for change. Know your weaknesses and start committing now to engage with us and talk with us about these so we can develop a helpful strategy. Let’s not forget there is more in history to help us with these decisions. A look back helps us remember that in 100 years of U.S. presidential terms, there has been a consistent upward march regardless of the administration in place. There is an important lesson on the benefits of a long-term investment approach, albeit so tempting to get distracted by any number of geopolitical events.


In an election year, we typically see a slight decrease in the average and median return compared with other years. The dispersion of returns during election years appears moderately lower than in other years, as seen by the reduced standard deviation and the lower extreme values (Maximum and Minimum).

Also, at minimum, interest rates are likely to remain high in the back half of this year. It seems logical to go from high budget deficits to high-interest rates. In fact, interest costs for the federal government have spiked recently, rising to 3.7% of GDP. The reality is that interest rates are set by the Federal Reserve (Fed), at least short-term rates. But even longer-term rates depend on Fed policy.

History Made: The first American woman to sail solo nonstop around the world landed in A Coruna, Spain, on Thursday, March 7, placing 2nd in a competition of 16. At 5-foot-2, Cole Brauer conquered the most challenging sailing waters, including South America’s Cape Horn. This is where the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans meet and is often likened to climbing Mount Everest. The ocean floor has a sharp rise, massive winds, frigid air, and stray icebergs. She was at sea for 130 days in sometimes treacherous conditions, at one point staring down 30-foot waves in her 40-foot racing boat. More than half of her competitors dropped out. She joined the ranks of just 186 people in recorded history who have completed the journey. What an accomplishment! Her first request upon finishing? A croissant and cappuccino. What would you ask for?